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Welcome to SandJack Whitetails, where the whitetail deer is our #1 priority. Nestled at 19332 CR 3197 South, Mt. Enterprise, TX 75681, our whitetail deer farm welcomes landowners, ranchers and deer breeders alike. As you explore our site, discover the story behind our commitment to quality and genetics, research further into the breathtaking selection of our deer for sale.

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Here at SandJack Whitetails we offer your ranch a selection of stocker bucks, bred does and open does. We strive in having a genetic selection to help you achieve your yearly goals. Please explore the beauty of these magnificent creatures.

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Graceful Elegance, Majestic Presence – Our Deer, Your Enchantment at SandJack Whitetails.

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Guardians of Health, Pioneers in Care – At SandJack Whitetails, Ensuring Vigilant Wellness for Your Majestic Herd.

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At SandJack Whitetails, excellence runs in our genetic bloodlines. Our doe pedigrees boast a lineage sourced from the nation’s top-producing deer farms. We are proud to uphold a tradition of quality genetics, ensuring that every deer in our care carries the legacy of superior lineage. Partner with us to experience the unmatched heritage and excellence that define SandJack Whitetails.

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Your journey into the world of deer genetics begins with a simple connection. Feel free to reach out to us at SandJack Whitetails for any inquiries or to schedule a visit. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you stock your ranch.